Public Schools

EDU Healthcare has extensive experience working with public educational systems in all 50 states. We understand the complexities and challenges that public school systems face when delivering health related services to their students. We strive to meet the needs and overcome the challenges of every school system we work with. We we act as a strategic partner to our clients by acting as an extension of their school system.

All students deserve access to a free, appropriate education, and EDU Healthcare providers work with students in public school districts across the county to offer services that support this goal. Small and large, rural and urban - EDU Healthcare has experience proving services to districts across all sizes. Our providers collaborate with administrators to schedule services, document progress and outcomes, and ensure health and wellness across the student population. EDU Healthcare providers also work closely teachers, other educational healthcare providers, and parents/guardians to support services and provide resources. Our providers are proficient with adaptive technology and modified methods of instruction, based on student need. We provide one-on-one and group-based services, depending on the school's needs, and work with school administrators to tailor the educational program to the student population.

We strive to provide quality services to every single client and student. Our management of these services continues throughout the duration of the program by careful review of documentation and through communicating schedules and outcomes to the school administrators.

To inquire more about our services within public school systems, please Contact Us!


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