Charter Schools

Charter schools, an alternative, state-run educational program, have a wide range of demonstrated therapeutic and related needs. EDU Healthcare has demonstrated experience providing a wide variety of educational and healthcare-related services in charter school environments. These services can include school nursing, speech therapy, school psychology, and many more. For more information on specific services EDU Healthcare offers, please see our Healthcare Services section. Our services are tailored to the environment in which they are offered and the students they serve. Students' right to access a free and appropriate public education extends to the charter school environment, and to facilitate access to educational opportunities, EDU Healthcare offers on-site services. We provide one-on-one and group-based services, depending on the school's needs, and work with school administrators to tailor the educational program to the student population.

EDU works with many Charter Schools throughout the country to deliver therapy and special education services to its students. We work with every client, small and large in size. The depth of our experience in services within an educational setting makes us well qualified to provide special education services to your students. 

To inquire more about our services within charter school systems, please Contact Us!


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