Speech Therapy

EDU Healthcare offers speech and language therapy services to school districts through our network of licensed and experienced Speech-Language Pathologists and Speech-Language Pathologist Assistants. Our Speech-Language Pathologists demonstrate expertise in addressing the diverse speech and language-related therapeutic needs found in student populations. After assessing demonstrated needs, our Speech-Language Pathologists determine the type of therapy plan required to address these specific needs and improve students’ academic performance. For example, our Speech-Language Pathologists commonly provide individual and group therapy sessions to teach students to articulate sounds, improve vocal pitch, implement alternative communication methods, correct speech impediments, and compensate for literacy disabilities, including dyslexia and dyscalculia. Our Speech-Language Therapists also design interventions for students who struggle in the areas of:

  • Fluency
  • Articulation
  • Reading and Writing
  • Social Skills
  • Correct Word Usage & Word-Finding
  • Developmental Delays
  • Letter/Sound Knowledge
  • Oral Language Comprehension and Use


Our Speech-Language Pathologists are careful to document initial student evaluations, diagnoses, therapy plans, and any changes that occur during treatment until a student undergoes a final evaluation and concludes their therapy plan. They also regularly consult with parents/guardians, other specialists, and educators so that these important individuals have a complete understanding of the student’s treatment and the progress occurring in therapy. Through their efforts, EDU Healthcare’s Speech-Language Pathologists increase students’ access to the education provided by your district; these students will demonstrate improved outcomes in both school and home environments.

Each student’s IEP guides the delivery of speech and language therapy services by addressing academic and personal modifications, specific instructional needs, measurements to best determine successful outcomes, and present levels of academic and personal performance. Therefore, Speech-Language Pathologists are often an essential part of a student’s IEP team, and their involvement in IEP meetings is paramount. EDU Healthcare ensures that the highly qualified speech and language therapy services that we offer our client partners includes active participation in the IEP meeting, as well as assistance or direction in the creation of effective IEPs for students with therapeutic needs. Our Speech-Language Pathologists then ensure that students, families/guardians of students, and other faculty and staff members who are unfamiliar with the importance or function of the IEP develop a thorough understanding of its process, goals, and outcomes.

EDU Healthcare Speech-Language Pathologists synthesize and report information in a manner that can be easily understood by others and used to inform student instruction and improve outcomes. Common purposes of assessment include special need identification, eligibility determination, progress monitoring, and IEP evaluation. EDU Healthcare Speech-Language Pathologists provide a weekly and/or monthly schedule of services (depending on administration preference) to their EDU Healthcare supervisor, on-site supervisor, and any other district administrator requesting such documentation. Each therapist is experienced in developing personalized IEPs and documenting work toward specific identified goals. Documentation of progress toward these goals is an expected requirement in achieving optimal success in executing any therapy plan, and ongoing progress and outcome documentation shall be accessible to any district administrator upon request. All EDU Healthcare Speech-Language Pathologists maintain records in a neat and orderly fashion. They record daily attendance logs and document conversations with the students and other relevant individuals.


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