Special Education

EDU Healthcare offers teaching, instruction, and related services to school districts through our network of licensed and experienced  Teachers. Our Teachers deliver instruction and educational services tailored to students at their appropriate grade level. They also communicate with parents/guardians, school administrators, and other teachers so that all relevant parties understand each child's learning journey. Our Teachers are skilled at facilitating student learning in many areas, including buy not limited to mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science. For older student populations, we offer instruction services from Teachers specializing in subject areas.

These educators are experts in their field and offer student-centered, curriculum-supported instruction, taking care to meet students where they are. In this way, EDU Healthcare Teachers ensure that students are comfortable with the classroom environment and the lessons offered. For students exhibiting challenges with curriculum and/or assignments, our Teachers consult with school administration and relevant staff to respond to the student's needs. The primary focus of our Teachers is ensuring student success. At EDU Healthcare, we continually seek Teachers who are experienced, resourceful, and enthusiastic about working with students populations.


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