School Psychology

EDU Healthcare offers psychology health services to school districts through our network of licensed and experienced School Psychologists. Our School Psychologists facilitate learning and intellectual and emotional development in children through psychological diagnosis, assessment, intervention, mental health promotion, prevention, program development, and evaluation services. Thanks to their knowledge of psychological treatments and theory, adherence to federal and state laws, fundamental respect for the rights of children, and use of standardized and non-standardized measures of assessment, our School Psychologists are able to address cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and social issues with which students struggle in school. They also address student needs, such as ongoing and/or longstanding chronic situations, disabilities, general developmental difficulties that affect learning, instructional problems within the classroom, and problematic social conditions. The mental health services our School Psychologists provide include:

  • Assessment of student emotional, cognitive, academic, and developmental level
  • Observation of student, teacher, and parent behaviors
  • Development and implementation of prevention programs that address issues like sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, and school violence
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Consultation with parents and teachers
  • Evaluation of individualized educational plans
  • Development, implementation, and evaluation of student treatment plans


EDU Healthcare School Psychologists synthesize and report information in a manner that can be easily understood by others and used to inform student instruction and improve outcomes. Common purposes of assessment include need identification, eligibility determination, progress monitoring, and outcome evaluation. EDU Healthcare School Psychologists provide a weekly and/or monthly schedule of services (depending on administration preference) to their EDU Healthcare supervisor, on-site supervisor, and any other district administrator requesting such documentation. Each School Psychologist is experienced in developing personalized mental health treatments and interventions and documenting work toward specific identified goals. Documentation of meetings and treatment is an expected requirement in achieving optimal success in working with students, and ongoing progress and outcome documentation shall be accessible to any district administrator upon request. All EDU Healthcare School Psychologists maintain records in a neat and orderly fashion. They record daily attendance logs and document conversations with the students and other relevant individuals.


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