School Nursing

EDU Healthcare offers school nursing services to school districts through our network of licensed and experienced Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical (Vocational) Nurses. Our Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses focus on the health of the students we serve. Our goal is to improve or alleviate illness and injury, provide care management, educate patients and their families, and help achieve health and wellness across the continuum of care. We are committed to ensuring that the students we treat and their families feel safe and comfortable with their level of care. Our mission is to promote service excellence that exceeds patient, family, and district expectations in a dedicated, compassionate, and respectful environment. Our RNs and LPNs serve as part of a multidisciplinary treatment team. This collaborative effort allows our nurses to achieve the goals of the clients we serve. All of our nurses will collaborate with administrators and other healthcare team members to develop and implement treatments relevant to the program and student, from school health clinic services to private duty nursing; they will also use data to formulate measurable wellness objectives. EDU Healthcare offers services that support facilities in their efforts to provide medical services to students. EDU Healthcare’s targeted areas for services and support include:

  • Working knowledge of HIPAA and state board nursing regulations.
  • Clinical, school, and residential nursing experience.
  • One-on-one nursing coverage and care.
  • Collaboration with multi-disciplinary team, including administrators, physicians, and outside providers.
  • G-tube insertion and support experience.
  • Respiration support services.
  • Administration of medication and vaccinations.
  • Measurement and recording of vital statistics.
  • Collection, handling, and storage of specimens for testing and analysis.
  • Medical supply inventory and preventative maintenance.

Our RNs and LPNs are familiar with performing Medicaid billing procedures, such as obtaining prior authorization, performing electronic claims submissions, and completing and maintaining any other necessary documentation. As active employees at their work sites, they regularly attend any required meetings. They also hold current drivers’ licenses in order to provide transportation to patients as necessary and appropriate.

Our RNs and LPNs also consult with families, outside healthcare providers, and other specialists at all stages of care, as appropriate. When working with pediatric populations, our nurses recognize that parents/guardians are the most important individuals in a child’s life; therefore, our nurses are careful to inform them (and/or designated administrators, as appropriate) of the need for services, explain treatments, and involve them in the care process. Thus, parents understand the treatment and can provide support.


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