Behavioral Support

EDU Healthcare offers behavioral therapy services to school districts through our network of licensed and experienced Board-Certified Behavioral Analysts and Therapists. Our Behavioral Therapists focus on assisting students in acquiring the functional abilities necessary to access educational materials and to adapt to their educational environment. They may help students with daily activities related to educational participation, adapt the performance context, teach alternative methods, or facilitate the use of assistive devices. They also work with other educational professionals, community partners, and parents/guardians to help students engage in their educational activities. This collaboration is the foundation for promoting participation of students with identified behavioral issues in the general educational environment.

These guidelines endorse service delivery models that increase the capacity of schools to meet the needs of all children. Our Behavioral Therapists focus on removing barriers from students’ ability to learn, helping students develop skills that increase independence in the school environment and educating school personnel about the different considerations required for students with disabilities. Everything the Behavioral Therapist does with students in the school must be educationally relevant. Therefore, they examine and intervene to improve student’s functional abilities in classrooms and other school areas. Our Behavioral Therapists also work with teachers to help students acquire functional abilities necessary to access educational materials, to move about the school, and to function in classrooms and other school areas.

EDU Healthcare Behavioral Therapists may also work with school personnel to adapt or modify their equipment/materials. Other assistance includes helping students participate in activities outside of the school on field trips, at sporting events, on playgrounds, and within the community. Educational materials must be modified to meet the challenges of students’ disabilities, like their ability to communicate, to view and manipulate educational materials, to maintain postures, and to move about the school. Our Behavioral Therapists work closely with teachers to promote the highest level of function possible for students pursuing educational goals.


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